WEBINAR 29 October 2020: Advanced wastewater treatment for API reduction

News 2020-10-20 at 10:52

The overall aim of the CWPharma Project is to reduce the load of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) going into the aquatic environment and especially the Baltic Sea. Municipal wastewater treatment plants are relevant point sources of APIs, as they treat the wastewater from public households, hospitals and industry of the connected catchment area.

Conventional “state-of-the-art” wastewater treatment plants can only remove some active pharmaceutical ingredients. The rest of pharmaceutical ingredients pass the treatment plants with minor to no reduction. Therefore, reduction of a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients can only be achieved by using targeted advanced treatment techniques such as ozonation or powdered and granular activated carbon.

In this webinar, results and recommendations from the CWPharma project on advanced wastewater treatment will be presented along with the current proceedings of this topic in Sweden. The program includes presenters from Lund University, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the Swedish Water & Waste Water Association, Swedish EPA and Lidköping municipality. There will also be a presentation of a digital twin of the ozone reactor in Linköping.

Language of the Webinar is English.

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