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Residues of active pharmaceutical ingredients contaminate the water and marine life of the Baltic Sea. In CWPharma, partners from seven countries work on tools and recommendations for policy makers, authorities and municipalities to reduce these harmful emissions.

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The Baltic Sea region’s waste management for unused medicines must be improved 2020-09-03
CWPharma project has evaluated national-level practices for take-back and disposal of unused medicines and other pharmaceutical waste in the Baltic region. Improper disposal of medicines is all too common and the implementation of take-back for unused medicines is highly heterogeneous in the region.
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Finnish stakeholders discussed low-tech risk reduction measures 2019-10-29
Finnish stakeholders of the CWPharma project met in October to discuss the low-tech risk reduction measures and their potential to reduce emissions of pharmaceuticals to the environment.
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Seminar for Estonian waste water treatment professionals 2019-09-03
Registration to the seminar on wastewater treatment and various ways to optimize the existing processes is now open until the 12th of September.
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