Finnish stakeholders discussed low-tech risk reduction measures

News 2019-10-24 at 15:27
lääkejätekeräys_apteekki_021_kuvaaja_Jan Sandvik_Apteekkariliiton_kuvapankki 500x313.jpg
For the consumer the easiest way is to return all medicine as well as pharmaceutical wastes independent of its waste classification to collection point. In Finland pharmaceutical waste is collected at the pharmacies. © Jan Sandvik / Apteekkariliitto

Finnish stakeholders of the CWPharma project met on the 23rd of October 2019 to discuss various low-tech risk reduction measures and their potential to reduce emissions of pharmaceuticals to the environment. The meeting was held on the premises of the Finnish Environment Institute in Helsinki.

The meeting discussed how the take-back and disposal of unused medicines–both the medicines meant for human consumption and for animals–could be developed, how to increase the awareness of environmental impacts of APIs and how the environmental permitting of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants could be enhanced.

Presentations of the meeting (in Finnish):







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