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Save the date and join in: CWPharma 2 project Final Seminar on 23rd November 2021

It is time to check the results of the extension stage project CWPharma 2. In the webinar you will get to know how the waste water treatment plants performed in the removal of active pharmaceutical in...

Stakeholder discussions continue in Finland

Experts from the Finnish Environment Institute and the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea discussed the CWPharma findings and action plan in June 2021.

CWPharma Final Seminar presentations now available

The CWPharma project´s final seminar on the 18th of November 2020 attracted 131 attendees from over 15 countries. The seminar presentations are now available.

COMING: Final seminar on 18 November unveils emission reduction and policy recommendations

November is the time to wrap up the work of the CWPharma project. The final seminar of the project will be held on the 18th of November 2020. Join the webinar to learn more about the project´s recomme...

Finnish stakeholders discussed project results

Finnish stakeholders of the CWPharma project met for the fourth time in October to discuss the findings made during the project. The stakeholders also got a glimpse of the policy recommendations soon ...

WEBINAR 29 October 2020: Advanced wastewater treatment for API reduction

The results and recommendations from the CWPharma project on advanced wastewater treatment will be presented in this Webinar along with the current proceedings of this topic in Sweden.

Finnish stakeholders discussed low-tech risk reduction measures

Finnish stakeholders of the CWPharma project met in October to discuss the low-tech risk reduction measures and their potential to reduce emissions of pharmaceuticals to the environment.

Seminar for Estonian waste water treatment professionals

Registration to the seminar on wastewater treatment and various ways to optimize the existing processes is now open until the 12th of September.

Technical Workshop on Ozonation (14.3.2019)

The presentations of the Technical Workshop on Ozonation are now available online.

Technical Workshop on Ozonation in Linköping on 14th March 2019

Ozonation is one of the advanced technologies that could help to remove pharmaceuticals from wastewaters. Registration for this technical workshop has started.

CWPharma Project seminar in Tallinn on 7th March 2019

CWPharma Project seminar will be held on the 7th of March 2019 in Tallinn. Join us to find out about the latest project achievements and findings!


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