Save the date and join in: CWPharma 2 project Final Seminar on 23rd November 2021

News 2021-11-11 at 14:33

The extension stage project CWPharma 2 has continued CWPharma´s work on upgrading wastewater treatment plants and soon it is time to see the results. The Final Seminar of CWPharma 2 will be organized on 23rd of November 2021, online and free of charge.

The focus of CWPharma 2 is on the practical implementation of the “Guideline for advanced API removal processes” produced in CWPharma project. The guideline provides a summary on all relevant aspects that should be considered when planning or operating a WWTP with a pharmaceutical reduction stage.

The CWPharma 2 modules cover: Wastewater treatment plant fitness check, feasibility studies, short-term piloting activities and optimization of running systems.

The webinar compiles the results of the project and will provide a feedback on how this guideline can be used in practice. In the webinar you will get to know for example the results of the fitness tests of WWTPs for API removal in the Baltic Sea Region and the feasibility study of pharmaceutical removal at WWTP Helsinki.

See: CWPharma 2 Final Seminar Program and registration (pdf)

  • Contact: CWPharma 2 extension stage: Project Leader, Professor Kai Bester, Aarhus university, tel. +45 935 080 89, email:





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