Finnish stakeholders discussed project results

News 2020-11-04 at 15:18

Finnish stakeholders of the CWPharma project met for the fourth time in October to discuss the findings made during the project. The stakeholders also got a glimpse of the draft policy recommendations that will be published at the final seminar of CWPharma project.

Approximately 50 persons participated in the meeting, which is also the last one in the row of the CWPharma stakeholder meetings in Finland. Due to Covid-19 the meeting was held online.

The meeting discussed for example the possibilities of reducing the use of diclofenac in topical emulsions and the PNEC values used for different active pharmaceutical ingredients in the CWPharma reports.

"The CWPharma project group is very happy about the positive feedback and especially the lively discussions we have had with our stakeholders", says Project Leader Noora Perkola. "I hope we will meet again at the final webinar held on the 18th of November."  

Presentations of the meeting (in Finnish):

Lääkeaineiden päästöt, pitoisuudet ja vaikutukset ympäristössä

Lääketeollisuuden ympäristöluvituksen kehittäminen

Itämeren laajuinen päästövähennyssuunnitelma







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