Associated organizations

Associated organizations support the project implementation. They share their needs and expertise to ensure the project outputs will be of benefit to the target groups they represent, and disseminate the outputs through their networks.

CWPharma has 18 associated organizations. They include national and regional environmental and medical product authorities, a research institute, associations of water and wastewater companies, pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies, and other NGOs from  Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Denmark and Belarus.


Public authorities:

  • Finnish Ministry of the Environment
  • Estonian Ministry of the Environment
  • Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Uusimaa FI
  • Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland FI
  • Region Östergötland, Environment and Security department SE
  • Swedish Environmental Protection Agency SE
  • Medical Products Agency SE
  • The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management SE
  • Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Centre for CLEAN WATER / Water Resources

Interest groups and NGOs:

  • The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry AB LIF SE
  • The Swedish Water and Wastewater Association SE
  • Finnish Water Utilities Association FI
  • Pharma Industry Finland (PIF) FI
  • Association of Finnish Pharmacies FI
  • Coalition Clean Baltic SE
  • Center for Environmental Solutions BY
  • Danish Water and Wastewater Association (DANWA)

Infrastructure and public service providers:

  • Berlin Water Company, Research and Development DE
  • Riga water Ltd. LV

Higher education and research institutions:

  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute SE
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